Lawsuit, Garnishment, Repossession, Foreclosure

There are few moments in life when we realize we need some help.  Unfortunately, some of those times are when you get sued or are subject to garnishment, Repossession or Foreclosure.


Getting sued in the state of Arizona s sometimes a surprise.  Sure, you know you are behind on your debt.  Maybe you didn’t pay the credit card.  Are they really mad enough to sue you?  Sometimes the answer is yes.

Summons and Complaint for Collection of a Debt

A lawsuit is supposed to start out with a Summons and a Complaint.  The Complaint is just what the creditor is complaining about.  They think you owe them money.  The Summons is simply notice from the court that the creditor has complained.  All of this should not be so intimidating.  Lawsuits seem to have that effect on people, but once you understand the issue, it’s not that big of a deal.  Put your mind at ease and read more about it in our Lawsuits page.

Service of the Summons and Complaint on the Debtor

The real problem comes when the creditor is supposed to let you know that he is complaining.  The creditor is supposed to serve the Complaint on you, along with the Summons, to tell you how to reply.  It is a lot easier to win a suit if the other side doesn’t defend.  Therefore, the creditor has great incentive to subvert the service process.  There are many ways to do this, and unfortunately, they are acceptable to the court.  Read all about the sneaky things creditors do.  Go to our Lawsuits page.

What to do After You Get Sued

After you get sued, there is a real problem.  Most debts do not have a real defense.  You owe the debt.  Even if the creditor cannot show a document with your signature promising to pay the debt, they have other ways to prove the debt is yours.  Regardless, all the creditor is doing is asking the court to agree you owe the debt.  You are not in any trouble, yet.  The real trouble comes after they take a judgment.  If this happens, it complicates things, but only a little.  What do you do?  Read our Lawsuits page.  If you are too late, you might be subject to garnishment.  Read on.