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Bankruptcy or Debt Consolodation

so you can get your life back.

Whether Debt Consolidation, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or another option, debt doesn’t go away on its own.  You are not alone.  We can help.  Is bankruptcy or debt consolidation the right decision for you?  We will help you learn about all the ways to deal with your debt.  If debt consolidation is the best option, we will be with you every step of the way.  If bankruptcy is the best option, your bankruptcy will be filed with the safety of an experienced Prescott bankruptcy attorney, in federal bankruptcy court.  We can even file for no money down, the same day you call.  Afterward, we help you get your life back by rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy debt or debt consolidation.  Together, we will handle the whole process.  Every member of our staff will be friendly and professional, from your very first contact.  We will help you find the best option.  We guarantee it.

100% Money Back – Guaranteed

Some people don’t know how to do business face to face.  We understand that we are dealing with humans who have problems, just like the rest of us.  We are all in this together.  Therefore, you will be treated with friendly respect and dignity.  Always.  From the first email or phone call to the last follow-up, we are all just people trying to help each other out.  We want to help you, like we have helped thousands of other folks.  We will do everything we can, legally and ethically, to help you find the right solution for you.  That’s what we do.  We guarantee it.  

Get Your Life Back

Being in debt is no fun, and it is an easy trap to get caught up in.  Sometimes there is a cause for it, like medical bills or loss of a job.  Other times it just kind of creeps up.  What causes the debt does not matter.  The real issue is how to deal with it quickly.  This is not the future you planned.  Paying bills late and considering what has to wait is not necessary.  We live in the richest society ever known to man.  There is no reason you should not take part.  Someday there will be real concerns, like retirement, or tuition, or a travel.  These are the things that are important in life, not paying the minimum payment to get by another month because you think you should pay the bank.  Overwhelming bills are a big issue to you, but they are just an everyday expense to banks and creditors.  The best part is that getting rid of the debt is pretty easy, and we can help.

Prescott Bankruptcy

Sometimes, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the answer.  Bankruptcy is a federal program designed to help people out.  There is no shame in using it.  Will you refuse social security when you retire.  It’s the same type of federal program.  Considering bankruptcy is the responsible way to deal with debt.  In a vast majority of cases, bankruptcy gets rid of the debt, and you keep all of your assets including your home and car.  This is determined by Bankruptcy Exemptions.  In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, unlike debt consolidation, there are no payments to creditors.  All of the unsecured debt (with a few exceptions) is discharged.  You do not have to pay anything.  Additionally, you get to keep all of your stuff because of what the bankruptcy court calls exemptions.  It is really a great program.

Repossession in Prescott

Repossession is one of the most stressful things in life.  Public transportation is unreliable and infeasible for most.  Having your own transportation is a necessity.  Most people have a car loan.  Sometimes, getting behind on the car loan happens.  Get far enough behind, and the lender will seek to repossess your car.  Can the lender take the car from your driveway?  Can you get your car back after it is taken in repossession?  (YES!)  Repossession is stressful and unfamiliar.  You cannot rely on public transportation.  We can help stop repossession immediately.  Together we can even get your car back after it has been taken in repossession.

Prescott Foreclosure

Foreclosure is confusing.  If you don’t pay the bank, they can sell your home to get their money.  That is what secured property is all about.  So why is the bank in such a hurry to sell the house to get their money?  They know they will get it eventually.  However, if you are just having a hard time right now, why do they insist on making it worse by selling your home?  Because the banks are not your friend.  The bank is a for-profit enterprise intent on getting as much of your money as possible.  Therefore, if a lender is threatening you with foreclosure, contact us.  We will stop it immediately.

Prescott Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation can be useful in some circumstances.  There can be many drawbacks.  After careful consideration of debt relief options, debt consolidation is usually not the winner.  The main reason that people elect debt consolidation is because of the social stigma of bankruptcy, or because they do not understand bankruptcy.  However, once that is overcome, debt consolidation is not usually the best answer.  In debt consolidation, you have to repay a bunch of debt, and the creditors can still report negatively to your credit.  The creditors even have a choice whether they want to participate.  In bankruptcy, there are rarely any payments to creditors or the court.  Also, creditors do not have a choice whether they will work with you.  Ultimately, the court simply tells them they are not getting paid.  Better yet, all of that debt gets classified as “discharged in bankruptcy” instead of individual bad credit reports.  Read about all of the benefits and drawbacks of debt consolidation of our debt consolidation page.  It will be well worth your time.  Rebuilding your credit after bankruptcy is really pretty easy, too.